Specialises in decorative concrete for residential and commercial projects.

Limecrete is Perth’s only concrete supplier that specialises in the batching of decorative concrete and liquid limestone.

With our single batch plant, a dedicated crew of experienced batchers and drivers and a management team with over 50 years combined experience in decorative concrete, our ability to provide you with the largest range of colours with unsurpassed consistency and guaranteed service is unrivalled by others.

Please don’t think that ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to choosing a concrete supplier. Go with the specialists. The team at Limecrete are focused on getting it right at all times, and given that that’s all we do – decorative concrete – we are confident in that we’re doing it right for you!

Our Team

Owned and operated by Paul Raymond since 2005, Limecrete has steadily grown into a supplier of choice for decorative concrete & liquid limestone. When you call the plant to make an enquiry or place an order you are speaking with the very people who make it all happen. For any queries please call us on 9291 9955 or email

Our Technology

It’s the differences that really sets us apart from other suppliers, and especially for decorative concrete where consistency & performance is critical, Limecrete is constantly seeking new ways to improve our products and service.

AxiBatch Concrete Batching

An Australian designed computerised batching system we have installed at our plant that enables faster and more accurate batching. This system will then easily integrate with the upgrading of the plant to include a new 100T split cement silo that will provide Limecrete with more cementitious products that will broaden our ability to customise colours.


Limecrete offers a unique modified acrylic fibre for an additional $25/m3 that is proven to dramatically reduce the incidence of plastic shrinkage cracking with no visible surface protrusions on exposed or honed finishes.  Please click here for more information about it.


We are the only concrete manufacturing plant in Australia that has this Canadian technology installed on our agitator trucks. Sensocrete is a highly accurate sensitivity measurement device housed inside the concrete bowl that continuously records slump, temperature, volume & mixing efficiency, which also allows the driver to maintain slump in-transit by adding water. This system allows us to monitor the performance of the concrete from the batch plant, and provides the driver with a tool to ensure slump consistency at all times.